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Interactive Map Shows How Long The Average Erect Penis Is In Every Country Around The World

For the men out there who can’t help but wonder how they stack up in the size department down under, wonder no more — thanks to a nifty interactive graphic recently released by Target Map. The map, appearing to use data taken from earlier studies, shows how long the average erected penis is …

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List Of Drugs Contraindicated in Pregnancy

1,NSAIDS (Asprine, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Indomethacine… etc) during 3rd trimester. May has effects on the fetal cardiovascular system (closure of the ductus arteriosus). 2, Statins (Atrovastatine, Simvastatine, Levostatine… etc). Cholesterol is needed for fetal growth and its reduction by statins could harm the fetus.3, Warfarin:- Causes multiple birth defects.4, Testosterone:- Can …

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