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​5 Reasons You Have Bumps Down There Besides Herpes

A happy trail isn’t always a smooth one.

After all that time you spend making sure your vag-scape is silky smooth, it can be pretty unnerving to find some ugly bumps cropping up like weeds in your lady garden. And if they’re swollen enough, these little bulges might even have you thinking that something shady—or possibly life-threatening—is up with your health. But are all bumps down there worth freaking out over?

“Most of my patients worry about cancer or herpes when they see vaginal bumps. But most of the time, bumps are benign and temporary,” says Alyssa Dweck, M.D., gynecologist at CareMount Medical in New York and co-author of The Complete A to Z for Your V. “There is usually a non-urgent explanation for them and they can be easily treated.”

While it might be tempting to catapult to the conclusion that you have herpes, truth is that the signs of herpes aren’t exactly easy to miss. In fact, they’re a lot more serious than a few bumps around your girl parts. “Herpes is actually not bumps, but blisters and some open sores,” says Carolyn DeLucia, M.D., of VSPOT Medi SPA in New York City. “They are painful and ooze fluid, and they eventually scab over.”

So unless your bumps are erupting like small, achy volcanoes (in which case you should see your doctor right away) it’s likely that they’re a harmless symptom of what the medical crowd calls “self-limiting” conditions—conditions that eventually clear up on their own with little to no treatment. So take a deep breath and put your mind at ease; those tiny speed bumps along your happy trail could be there for any one of these five not-so-terrifying reasons:

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